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PAZQAL is a Visual Artist born in 1979 in Belgium. He has been working since 2001 as a visual artist, creating storyboards and concept designs for various films and video games.In 2009, he joined the creative team of the late genius Franco Dragone, and has since worked as a visual designer, set designer and costume designer on numerous international shows in China, Qatar and Europe.
He has drawn over 10,000 storyboard drawings for 40 movies and TV series, 25 live shows and 5 Video Games.. Its clients include Dreamworks SKG, Warner Bros, THQ Nordic, Publicis, XYZ, TBWA,...
In 2018, he was one of the 10 talents selected for a one-year experimental residency at the R/O Institute. There he learned to create and develop a transmedia IP which ended up being pitched to the King of Belgium and optioned by a major publisher.He co-founded Neoreal Studios in 2018, as a visual development company specializing in film, but also as a place to explore the new creative possibilities of the NFT space and the Metaverse.After years of designing and developing projects in the shadows, he found himself creatively burned out by the industry. Having lost all pleasure in drawing for himself, he decided to learn 3D and develop his work and his personal universe.He joined the Crypto Art movement in 2020 and found there a creative revival and an incredible community of like-minded artists. His imagery explores 3D forms, imaginary worlds, reality and how we perceive it…

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